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Bomber Jackets Fabrics

Wir bieten Ihnen Stoffe wie Leder, Nylon, Wolle und Kaschmir, Baumwolle, Polyester, Wildleder, Fleece, Poly-Baumwolle und Satin. In jeder gewünschten Farbe und mit jedem Detail, das das Design Ihrer Bomberjacke ergänzt.Wir beraten Sie über Stilelemente und Verschlussarten und helfen Ihnen dabei, eine personalisierteBomberjacke zu finden, die Ihrer Persönlichkeit entspricht.

Embroidered Bomber Jackets

Es gibt nichts Cooleres, als seine Bomberjacke mit einer kreativen Stickerei zu personalisieren. Ein personalisierter Aufdruck, ein künstlerisches Abzeichen, ein Logo oder ein symbolischer Aufnäher oder noch besser, ein Design mit Ihrem Namen.

Custom Aviator & Flight Jackets

Piloten- und Fliegerjacken haben eine Mobilität, die unabhängig von Geschlecht, Alter oder Ort ist. Durch gerippte Bündchen und Kragen, Lammfell-Futter oder Marine-Elemente helfen wir Ihnen, die richtigen Elemente in Ihre personalisierte Piloten- und Fliegerjacke zu integrieren.

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Our Bespoke Process

Our Bespoke Process is truly bespoke to the roots. We may best be described as digital bespoke, following the traditions of bespoke and fusing it with digital technology.

Über uns Personalisierte Bomberjacken

A leather jacket is known to be a star outerwear. There is no discretion but it is true that both women’s and men’s leather jackets steal the show. From running daily errands to wearing a leather jacket to a formal event, you can pair it up accordingly. However, there are some leather jackets which are people’s favorites and cannot be replaced. Yes, we are talking about the custom bomber jacket.

The bomber jacket which is a wardrobe staple now was introduced in the military decades back for keeping the pilots insulated. Ever since the bomber jackets have changed and evolved but they still own their appeal.

However, not all people want regular bomber jackets, in fact, most of them want to personalize their own bomber jackets. Noticing the need, The Jacket Maker allows you to customize bomber varsity jackets, all you have to do is just go through some simple steps.

Which type of bomber jackets can you buy?

Before you head on to design your own bomber jacket you should pick the type of bomber jacket you want. You can choose from an array of jackets like the ma1 bomber jacket, B3 bomber jacket, A2 bomber jacket, the varsity jacket or the modern bomber jacket. Also, make sure if you want a baggy bomber or a made to your size bomber jacket.

What should a custom bomber jacket be made of?

Whether it be custom varsity jackets or custom fur shearling coats picking the material type is very important. If you want to wear the custom bomber jacket all year then you can use a light parachute fabric or if you want to give it a cool shein then silk or satin will do too. But, if you want it to be made specifically for the winter then a custom leather bomber jacket would be the best fit.

In what ways can you get bomber jackets customized?

There are a number of ways in which you can get a custom bomber jacket women’s or men’s personalized. First and foremost, if you want it to go all extra then you can have a custom all over print bomber jacket. Or if not and you are a minimalist then a custom logo bomber jacket will do. You can get a logo of anything on your custom jackets whether it be for your high school group or your work circle with your company’s logo on. The third option is to get an embroidered bomber jacket; pick out your design and get it embroidered wherever you want, whether it be on the sleeves or the pockets or just behind the back. Also, for your custom bomber jackets, you can even get them hand painted, or digitally printed. Lastly, if you are not someone who looks forward to colors and prints and wants a bomber jacket design that is minimal then you can pick out and add different zippers and buttons just to give your custom military bomber jacket a contrasting look. The customization all depends on your imagination.

Can you do custom embroidery on a cowhide custom bomber jacket?

Yes, you can get a cowhide leather embroidered bomber jacket for both men’s and women’s. Cowhide jackets are strong, durable and do not damage easily thus are a great pick for a leather jacket. However, if someone is looking for more of a flexible leather that does not hinder their movement then sheepskin jackets are specifically for them as sheepskin is supple and gives a comfortable feeling.

Are custom bomber jackets good?

Whether they be leather bomber jackets for women or for men, the class remains. So, yes, leather bomber jackets are great, especially for winter. They keep you insulated and warm with not a lot of layers underneath that have to be worn.

Create Your Own Bomber Jacket With The Jacket Maker

You can get a custom bomber jacket wholesale but you never know what kind of customization would be done. On the other hand, The Jacket Maker offers custom jackets like the custom bomber jackets or the custom leather jackets. Recognizing the need of the outerwear, we offer a wide range of customization options, from choosing your own fabric to adding custom embroidery. And because we know that not everyone has the same needs, we have custom bomber jackets with no minimum order quantity. When you order the jacket our craftsmen carefully craft your order by hand and finish it with perfection. Even if you want custom embroidered jackets we will make sure that we deliver you exactly what you have had in mind. We know for a fact that every order is unique, our pro design consultants will be there to answer and advise you on anything and everything related to your custom bomber jacket.